Updated: 2.januar.2016


We have created an award for all radioamateurs who make contacts with the special event call and for SWLs for reporting QSOs.
The callsign will be active on multi bands with multi modes to make it more easy for other radioamateurs to achieve contacts.

The rules to get our award:

  • DX-stations:
    Gold award: QSO on 4 different bands regardless the mode
    Silver award: QSO on 3 different bands regardless the mode
    Bronze award: QSO on 2 different bands regardless the mode

  • European stations:
    Gold award: QSO on 7 different bands regardless the mode
    Silver award: QSO on 5 different bands regardless the mode
    Bronze award: QSO on 3 different bands regardless the mode

All QSOs must be with the same call sign.

If you have made the needed contacts or received them (SWL) and you want the award, then you have two choices:

Print yourself:
Send an e-mail to award Manager OZ4CG award@oz90iaru.dk
We check your QSOs in our log and you will, free of charge, get an e-mail reply with the requested award attached.
Now you only have to print it yourself.

Laminated ready print:
All awards to one address cost USD 10 or 3 valid IRC to cover printing the award and for envelope and return postage.
Send a post letter to QSL Manager OZ0J including the payment. Remember to specify which award you want.
Alternatively you may use PayPal and send your payment and award-request to PayPal account oz0j@oz0j.dk

Any questions regarding our award, please e-mail to Award manager

Our log is available at www.clublog.org/logsearch/oz90iaru
Please check out that the needed QSOs are in our log, before you send any award request.

Application deadline is December 1, 2016

TNX QSO and Best 73 from

OZ9ØIARU  -   This special callsign is activated in 2015 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the IARU, International Amateur Radio Union. The Call will be active on almost all frequency bands and with many different modes. Also you have the possibility to obtain an Award - see the rules on the Award-page. All information provided on OZ9ØIARU sites is provided for information purposes only. Information on OZ9ØIARU websites is subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, OZ9ØIARU makes no guarantees of any kind. You may contact webmaster@oz90iaru.dk with questions.